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Story Is Central To Every Experience

Virtual world building alone will create failure, but story arcs, character development, decision trees and rich interaction are essential parts of storytelling that must be in every experience for the potential of the Metaverse to be realized.

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Immersive Use Cases


The lines between learning, gaming, and entertaining are increasingly becoming blurred. Experiences are creating active engagement of the mind, heart and body.

Gaming done right will enable nonlinear decision making, personalization, persistence, that drive improved decision making, judgment, team work and communication.


World class training experiences are becoming more affordable than ever before as technology reduces the barriers of time, distance, and cost that limit learning today.

Immersive learning using all senses is proving to accelerate engagement, comprehension, and retention. The low cost of virtual practice will drive greater levels of mastery.


Immersive technology will create increased brand recognition, and loyalty. Such improvements will have a substantial impact on customer lifetime value, reduced churn, customer affinity and advocacy.

Innovative brands already know this, and the leaders are redefining brand experiences that blur the lines of learning, gaming, and entertaining.

We are a community of developers, designers, product stragists, storytellers, gamers, entertainers and marketers.

We teach, troubleshoot, collaborate, and support the industry.

If you have an idea, bring it to the community. The level of excellence is high, and this is a professional group of global Metaverse Creators. Come join us to build your experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, using the free version of Discord and Slack, we are free without any strings attached. Our objective is to build a thriving community of creators to collaborate. This is a ‘creator space’ where designers, developers, product strategists and storytellers are meeting to solve problems. There will be commercial opportunities (i.e. jobs, projects, research) and this is supported by Dimension X, but collaborating is the focus.  

Several themes define the focus of this community:

  1. Storytelling – we are focusing on adventure, discovery, learning, and entertaining. We foster experiences with a thoughtful story arc including context, characters, and nonlinear decision making
  2. Technology performance – Realistic virtual spaces consume tremendous processing power and we are focused on leading edge technology like DOTS to improve data performance.
  3. All are welcome – This is a space for all levels of creators. Community managers will do their best to redirect the needy users elsewhere so that value creation is high between members. This is a space for Unity, Unreal, Godot and all other developers.
  4. Connecting – We will host networking events, and hackathons to create peer value.

Yes, however the focus of this community must be twofold: 1) Help yourself by researching a solution and then asking for input. 

2) Collaborators tire if they are always giving. 

Community organizers will warn people making needy requests or those who solicit others unprofessionally. 

The #Show-and-tell channel is designed for professional self promotion related to projects.

The #jobs channel is the right place to offer your services, but please do it professionally. 

Many people are involved in making this a thriving community. 

Dimension X is the original sponsoring organization, but it will play a diminutive role over time.

Jump into the #learn channel to find books, tutorials, courses, videos or other training resources on all topics. Use the discord/slack search feature to find the topics that interest you.

Ah, partnerships are part art and part science. We foster collaborations and connections are the way great work gets done. 

Give more than you take. Be a critical thinker. Use professional judgement and be visionary. People will find you. 


We never sell, spam or abuse your contact information and we enable simple opt outs.